The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 2 Episode 7: Coming Out

February 6th, 2021

"Did we really need to know this? We knew you were weird."

On today's episode, the first half of a really great roundtable discussion on coming out between my metamour Daniel GreenWolf and a group of my friends, Seva, Corwin, Jami, and Brian, moderated by your stalwart host. We try to show a variety of experiences with the process of coming out as polyamorous, altered by sexual orientation, family reaction, age we came out, and other circumstances through our conversation.

...Of course, we're a bunch of chatterboxes who are all friends so we talked for about three hours, so I cut that down to about two and cut that in half to give you two digestible episodes. This first half is who did our panel come out to first (and how, and why), and what reactions they all got. (SPOILER: the tagline is part of one reaction.)

l hope that this episode helps people who have come out and it didn't go especially well, or who haven't come out yet because they're worried, see that the odds of it going well aren't terribly bad even if they aren't perfect. (and if it goes badly, we have your back next week - we talk all about controlling the message and managing reactions and conversations with someone who isn't understanding or positive in response.)

As always, you can click the guest bios below for detailed information on my guests, but for those of you not using my podcast host to listen:

  • Daniel GreenWolf is an Award-winning Magician, writer, creator, & slightly mad Irishman who you can find at . He's also a pagan, pansexual polyamorist who's been in his longest running polyamorous relationship for seven years, and he's an outspoken advocate for polyamory as well as an amazing performer.
  • Corwin is the owner and operator of Upline Studios who you can find at . He's been in ethically nonmonogamous relationships for eight years.
  • Seva has been polyamorous for seven years. She is an educator in the non-monogamy and rope communities and helped build the Upline Studio.
  • Jami and Brian Zapata are poly-pagans who've been out all closets for a long time. Brian's a hetero software QA release manager, Jami is a pansexual, non-binary, gender-non-conforming Fire official. They enjoy Renaissance Faires, Dungeons and Dragons, and can't wait to socialize with their friends again.

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