The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 8 Episode 3: Change is the only Constant

May 16th, 2024

"In Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler has that affirmation, change is the only constant - and I think that's an important way to look at these life transitions. We can't be trying to stop change from happening, for us or for our kids."

Libby Sinback of Making Polyamory Work sits down with Laura in this episode to discuss big life changes this week, and how they affect us, as polyamorous folks - especially through the lens of the two of us as polyamorous parents. Much is made, often, of trying to minimize changes in our lives - at least as they'll impact our families - but the reality is that our lives can be seen as a series of choices and changes, so today we talk about lenses, questions and strategies for listeners to consider and take away as they move through big changes, expected and not, and "positive" or "negative."

(Remember - a "negative" change like a divorce, deescalation or move out might still be a net positive in the lives of those involved, but have a bunch of bumpiness or messiness on the way - so let's think of ways to navigate them while remaining in our values to the best of our ability.)

Libby Sinback is a relationship coach, educator, and host of the podcast, Making Polyamory Work. She helps people who want to live and love outside the status quo break out of the harmful relationship patterns that are holding them back from nourishing, authentic, boundless love in their life. Libby believes love is why we are here and how we heal. You can find Libby at her website, her podcast , and her upcoming group the foundations of open relating here:

She also wrote the foreword to Laura's upcoming book, Monogamy? In this Economy? Finances, Childrearing, and Other Practical Concerns of Polyamory, which you can find for preorder here:

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Laura is moderating (and occasionally giving snarky commentary to) a class by the brilliant Dr. Marie Thouin called Compersion and You based on her new book, the first research-based book on compersion, on 06/06/2024, join us!

Laura and Sarah Casper will be co-teaching a class on 06/09/2024, Building and Breaking Boundaries, come check it out and bring your questions about boundary setting in interpersonal relationships: