The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 8 Episode 2: Asexuality in Polyamory

April 1st, 2024

Laura sits down with Evie Lupine to discuss kink, asexuality, and non-monogamy and polyamory and how these intersect for Evie as well as the larger community.

Evie shares her experience as an asexual person who finds that a lot of nonmonogamous dating includes "the social dance where people expect the first date to be a nicety they must complete to get to the sex"; and "even folks who express a lot of understanding verbally and have other partners can seem confused or disappointed when it remains that I'm asexual several months into a relationship." We talk a little about the contrast between the polyamorous "public face" of "it's about the LOVE not the SEX" versus her actual lived experience.

The episode actually opens with a detailed discussion of the many platforms that have come and gone for sharing information on sexuality, nonmonogamy, and kink, and the ways it's informed and changed the actual experience of end users and of educators and creators, as well.

Evie Lupine is a YouTuber, asexual sex educator, and loud advocate for understanding in the BDSM community online. You can find twice-weekly videos from her on non-monogamy and kink on her YouTube channel, and some additional information and services (she does advice!) on her Patreon; Twitter and Instagram have pages for her but are somewhat disused.

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