The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 4 Episode 3: Religion & Polyamory Part 1

October 29th, 2021

In this two-episode examination of various ways religion and spirituality may impact people's practice of polyamory, Laura discusses the topic with guests from several different backgrounds to see how the processes of coming out as polyamorous, unpacking mono-normativity and purity culture, partner selection, and inhabiting the normative culture vary based on their early and ongoing religious experiences.

In the first part, we hear from Purity to Polyamory, a podcaster/instagrammer/educator who is trying to create community for other ex-vangelicals, about her transition from 19-year-old bride in a purity culture to 30-something nonmonogamist. You can find her podcast, discord, and more here: or follow her on Instagram @puritytopolyamory.

We also have a conversation on the other end of the religious spectrum of experience, with Laura's metamour Daniel GreenWolf (friend of the show) - who was raised and remains Wiccan, or as he says in his show, is "a pansexual, polyamorous pagan." He discusses with us how being the latter in a largely Christian-flavored culture prepared him for coming out as polyamorous as an adult, and why his coven's leadership, and especially his mom, were and are great for supporting him in being a unique individual. You can find him at and .

And since we mention her in the show and she's awesome - Daniel's mom Judy sells super-cool crochet things at

As always, the music for the show is by the lovely, talented Vince Conaway, who you can find at .

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