The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 7 Episode 1: PolyWise

August 24th, 2023

Laura speaks with Jessica Fern and David Cooley about their new book, PolyWise, paradigm shifts for folks making changes in non monogamous relationships, and restorative rather than punitive views of conflict.

They discuss why the authors included so many different psychological modalities and approaches in their book, the value of different tools for folks encountering big transitions in relationships, and more.

"It's about intentionality - being willing to lead with your feelings, hearing when your partner does as well, and keeping in mind that healing and relating are verbs."

"Paradigms were an important focus for us because we're all so steeped in them - and getting to a place where we identify our values and shift them intentionally is really powerful."

PolyWise is available at all booksellers August 25, 2023.

Jessica Fern is a Psychotherapist, Coach, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Jessica is the author of Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma, and NonMonomgamy and The Polyseucre Workbook: Healing Your Attachment and Creating Security in Loving Relationships. In her international private practice, Jessica works with individuals, couples, and people in multiple-partner relationships who no longer want to be limited by their reactive patterns, cultural conditioning, insecure attachment styles, and past traumas, helping them to embody new possibilities in life and love. Learn more at

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