The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 7 Episode 2: Microscripts with Multiamory

September 1st, 2023

"You need the self-awareness and the meta-communication to make using the tools easier for you. It's about waking up to doing it intentionally."

"In my romantic relationships and my friendships, I feel so empowered in my communication - we have so many tools we can turn to."

The new book from Dedeker, Emily and Jase of Multiamory is a tool kit for communication in relationships of all kinds. In today's podcast episode we focus on one in particular that they delve into - microscripts - but we also range through topics like conflict resolution, our peeves in relationship advice, and which two of the four of us have been to therapy with our moms.

Find the Ready for Polyamory review of the Multiamory book here:

Jase, Emily, and Dedeker created the Multiamory Podcast in 2014 to raise awareness, provide approachable resources, and combat the stigma faced by people in non-traditional relationships. Today, with hundreds of episodes, millions of downloads around the world, and a rapidly growing community, they are dedicated to offering practical advice and communication tools, grounded in the latest relationship research, guest experts, and years of professional experience. Multiamory has been featured in numerous publications, including NPR, Vice, Huffington Post, Oprah Daily, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. In addition to their national tours, they have presented at the Google campus in Seattle and have been keynote speakers and presenters at numerous conferences. For more information and links to buy the book, please visit: