The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 5 Episode 1: Polyamory & Parenting (Part 1)

April 7th, 2022

"You have to take the space to take care of yourself and notice if you haven't made space for yourself outside of parenthood in a long time - because making space for your non-parent identity is important."

"Why would we stop doing the things that make us happy and make us better as humans if we're trying to raise good people, a task that means we need to show up as our best selves?"

To open season 5 of the podcast, Laura and Jessica Levity Daylover of Remodeled Love sit down to talk about being polyamorous parents of young children - the benefits of having multiple partners to help with these phases, the realities of occasional judgement from the monogamous folks in our lives, difficulties of scheduling and Jes's Time-banking system with her husband, some of Laura's experiences being out to school, doctors, etc, as well as hopes for our families's futures.

Later this season, there will be an episode with guests with teenaged kids talking about those different stages and the unique challenges therein.

Jessica Levity Daylover is a mom of two who has been with her husband, Joe, since 2009, and married and polyamorous since 2013. Jessica is a live event and digital media producer and entertainer. Their journey into polyamory was rocky because they had no mentors, no cultural script, and no support. They launched their podcast & platform "Remodeled" as a way to change that path for others.

Jes and Remodeled Love are on all the social media - you can find her on IG @remodeledlove, on TikTok @homesliceproductions, on Twitter @RemodeledLove, on Patreon at, or find her podcast, peer support, and upcoming projects at

You can find some of Laura's Polyamorous Parenting FAQs on the blog here, and tickets to her upcoming Polyamory and Parenting class ($15 for as many members of your polycule as care to share the screen, live on 4/23 at 3pmET with included recording and a second live q&a on 4/30 at 11:30pm ET to hopefully accomodate all the timezones and bedtimes) here.

As always, the podcast's music is by Vince Conaway who you can find at

You can find the blog at; the book on Amazon in kindle and paperback here; links to first appointments for peer support with Laura here; and we'll be back next week with a new episode.