The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Episode 11: Polyamory in the Media

August 22nd, 2020

You all may remember that Laura wrote a bit of a screed against polyamorous representation in media on the blog on April 20 called "Advertising Polyamory" because she was getting annoyed at white FFM triads getting all the press. You may recently have read Ken's post about positive news media on polyamory this week, ["In the News: How the media Perception of Polyamory is good, actually." ](

So, we sit down and have a nice conversation about whether polyamorous representation is a good thing. (We got the fight out the first 5 times, the benefit of being partners. The number of times we've had the conversation changes every time you ask, also a benefit of being partners.)

Ken is a brilliant author and storyteller. Now, the link pimping. Ken's new book Stories and Sins is available here. Ken is the creator of StoryPhoenix, which you can visit at,, Twitter @StoryPhoenix_ . You can follow Ken @AtlasWriter on Twitter and You can buy his book of poetry Stories and Sins here, and you should, not just because I love him but because I like it.

As always the intro and outro music has been provided by Vince Conaway who can be found at

It is the last episode of season 1, I feel like I should be deeper than link pimping myself.

Honestly, thank any and all of you who listened to all of these. I think it's a shame I lost the theory-wonkiest episodes; they're my deepest passion. If they're yours too and you'd like them for Season 2, let me know. If you want more general knowledge content, please tell me so, I can definitely do that too or instead, I'm just in my happy place arguing semantics. It's the near-academic in me.