The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Episode 10: Kitchen Table and Parallel Polyamory

August 15th, 2020

Today's guests are my metamours Daniel Greenwolf and Vanessa/Bella Greenwolf, discussing the relationship spectrum of parallel to kitchen table polyamory, how relationship definitions get slippery, why they think that makes them kind of useless for most people, and why the semantics are, in my opinion, kind of important anyway, because both agreeing you're "kitchen table polyamorous" and meaning two different things can cause huge problems down the line. In a polycule like ours, where things are kind of organically shifting and part kitchen table part parallel anyway (see this post from way back when everyone wanted me using pseudonyms for more information) that's less important, but for some folks it really matters. You can find more information from my blog under the Relationship Spectrum tag, and as always I'm on [Patreon]( and [ko-fi](

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