The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 6 Episode 10: The Relationship Anarchy Book

April 6th, 2023

"Start the revolution from your affections is an imperfect translation, but it's as close as we could get to the idea that we don't want freedom from our bonds, we want freedom made by our bonds"

"Relationship Anarchy is essentially the everyday decision to make visible and question all of the presumptions that underlie all our relationships."

If you find discussions of Relationship Anarchy to be dismissive, surface level, or fail to explain what the political anarchist principles that are being applied to relationships ARE, this book may be for you. We discuss the idea that self-care is useless without community care, that the idea is to make all relationships more valuable, not romantic relationships less so, and other overarching themes.

The concept of the book, originally published in Spanish in 2020, is to clarify a more radical framework for sustainable interpersonal relationships based on communication and free conscientious commitment, based on alternatives to hegemonic monogamous patriarchal systems. It argues, among other points, that the difference between "nonhierarchical polyamory" and "relationship anarchy" is a willingness to engage in the political meaning of our relationship choices.

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