Episode 1: Polyamory 101


June 13th, 2020

35 mins 19 secs

Season 1

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Today's episode is the only one this season without specific guests in conversation with our charming host. Six different people, with upwards of 40 years of experience of non-monogamy between them, offer up definitions of polyamory to play off of, and Important Definitions of related terms are sprinkled throughout.

Basic information on polyamory can be found under the "Start Here" posts tag on the blog, and the February 24 post "What is Polyamory, Anyway?" covers most of this territory at: www.readyforpolyamory.com/post/what-is-polyamory-anyway; the immediately following post, A Brief History of Polyamory, may interest you as well. You can find many more definitions at the site's Polyamory Glossary

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Our intro and outro music as always comes from the talented Vince Conaway, who you can find at www.vinceconaway.com

Of our guests providing definitions, 4/6 had links they would like to share, they are as follows:

Corwin & Seva both wished to share the [Upline Rope Studio](www.uplinestudio.com), which he owns and she helped build, and Corwin's ropework and photography can be found on instagram @corwinrope.

Kimota Tigerlily is a shibari switch, lover of food, and huge nerd, whose polyamory related work can be found at https://kimotatigerlily.tumblr.com/tagged/polyamory . Additionally, on Twitter @KimotaTigerlily, and on Instagram @KimotaxTigerlily.

Daniel Greenwolf is my metamour of 4 years, a professional magician, podcast host, and jack of many trades. You can find him at www.danielgreenwolf.com , support his podcast at https://www.patreon.com/greenwolfcast, and find him as @DanielGreenwolf on all the social media.