The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 7 Episode 5: Mom Rage

September 21st, 2023

"Matrescence - the process of becoming a mother - is something we only talk about in the most glorified tone culturally, and it is in fact really difficult and isolating and kind of awful - and holding that duality can be enormously challenging and shameful for moms who already lack support."

"I talk about non-monogamy in the book both because I’m from the Bay Area and it’s everywhere but also because I wanted to examine social changes and social frameworks that might be available as alternatives to just straight policy changes that can build some of this support for mothers that’s clearly needed. So one of the moms whose rage story I share is in a non-monogamous relationship."

On today's episode, Laura sits down with Minna Dubin, author of Mom Rage, to discuss motherhood, the force of social expectations and stepping outside of them, the ways non-monogamy can be a positive force of support for family life, and more. The book examines the universal issue of maternal rage, its roots, and social changes that might improve the situation for mothers.

Pick up Mom Rage at your local bookstore, or online at: and follow her on Instagram @minnadubin.

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