The Ready For Polyamory Podcast

Season 5 Episode 4: Polyamory and Kink

April 28th, 2022

Today's episode contains frank discussion of sexuality and kink dynamics, listener be aware.

"I feel like no one really talks about the ins and outs of intimacy that involves marks and BDSM dynamics, and it's worth talking about."

Laura sits down with Annie Undone to talk about kink dynamics, polyamory from both sides of the slash, the pros and cons of kitchen table and parallel polyam dynamics when combined with kinky relationships, and the changes that shifts in these dynamics can cause within a polycule.

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AnnieUndone is a writer and artist seeking to normalize diverse sexual and love experiences because people deserve to be themselves. She speaks on the topics of polyamory, kink, and queerness. She began this work in earnest as a way to feel more enfranchised around the theme of kink, and then quickly realized that she was also polyamorous. She, her husband, and their partners are sharing their journeys of opening relationships and learning to let in more love so that people feel less alone in their humanity and desires to live outside the box. Follow her on Instagram at @Annie_Undone or join her Patreon here for more content only available to subscribers.

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